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Bookstore Manager:

"During my 40+ years of selling books I was continually watching for material that was easy to understand, yet would have a profound effect upon the readers  in leading them to our Savior.  Carl Martin’s book, HEAVEN, Think On These Things, was one such  book. I was pleased to hear that it is now back in print!  One of our customers who owned a used car dealership would purchase dozens of copies at a time and place them in the hands of each customer who would  accept them. The results that he and other buyers of the book shared  left me with no doubt that HEAVEN, Think On These Things deserves a wide circulation!"

-Doug Anderson,  TN

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  • Designed for group or individual study
  • Proven track record of first edition, selling out in bookstores nationwide
  • Every chapter revised and expanded
  • Includes CWP Bible Marking System
  • Includes excerpt from prequel
  • Includes "World's Best Tamale Pie" Recipe
  • "When We All Get to Heaven" lyrics page
  • Perfect for gift or sharing material

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